close up faqs

How much notice do I have to give for an order?

The earlier the better! We only tend to take on 2 weddings in any one week this is so we can dedicate the appropriate amount of time to each order, without over stretching ourselves.

Ideally, we like to have 12 months notice for wedding cake orders, however some popular wedding weekends can be booked up to 2 years in advance. We advise all our clients to book the suppliers you would like to use as soon as you have set your date. This is will ensure that your booking is secure and you can then come back to finalise at your leisure. We will try our best to accommodate your request no matter how short notice but it will of course depend on how busy we are. We do tend to be particularly busy in the summer months so we advise booking early if you require a cake at this time. Please note we also take an extended break over Christmas and the New Year.

Can you make cakes for customers with special dietary requirements?

We can make gluten free cakes using gluten and wheat free flour and our cakes can have nuts omitted where necessary. However, all cakes are baked and prepared in an environment and with equipment where nuts and gluten are present. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that they are risk free.

A kind relative wants to make our wedding cake but cannot decorate it.. would you be able to do that for us?

Unfortunately, due to restrictions of our liability insurance and Health and Safety we are unable to work with any cakes that haven't been made by us in our approved kitchen.

I would like to decorate my cake with fresh flowers, are there any special considerations I need to think of?

Your florist is probably the best person to advise on this as they will be able to make suggestions of what flowers and foliage would be best. Things to consider are that, most importantly, they need to be food contact safe and that they will have longevity to see throughout the day without wilting. We are happy to liaise with your florist, advise on sizes and ensure our set up times are the same for the day. Please always order extra flowers required for your cake in advance, prior to your wedding.

Am I able to have a selection of flavours across the tiers of my wedding cake?

Any cake with multiple tiers can have different flavours, in fact we strongly suggest that you offer an option of flavours to your guests, so to cater for different preferences and tastes. Please click here for a list of our flavour menu.

Do you provide tastings?

We offer a consultation as part of the service and can provide samples of our most popular flavours.

How do I secure a booking with you?

A deposit of £100 will secure your date. Please provide your contact details, date, venue and proposed style and this will enable us to draw up a booking form. The deposit is deductible from your total order cost.

Do you deliver the cake?

Yes, we always prefer to deliver and set up your wedding cake to your venue. Please check the pricing and payments page for details on delivery.

You are welcome to collect the cake from our premises the day before your wedding but once it has left our care, we cannot be held liable for any loss or damage that may occur.

The cake was quite honestly the best cake I have ever eaten (we went for 1 vanilla tier and 2 chocolate tier). We were told by many relatives / friends that the cake rarely gets touched at weddings as everyone is so full - but in fact apart from the top tier our whole cake was gobbled up and EVERYONE commented on how delicious it was (my husband and I ate the remaining top tier while on honeymoon!). It was honestly the most delicious cake - and the design was perfect and so well executed. 10/10.